St Leonards College Visual Arts Centre


St Leonards College


East Brighton, Victoria

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Tony Cotter

About This Project

The Art department at St Leonard’s College was dispersed throughout a range of buildings across the campus. The provision of a new dedicated Art Centre provided this important co-curricular program with the status it deserves within the College community, whilst freeing up valuable spaces for the consolidation and enhancement of other educational programs.

The brief was to provide the College with a dedicated Arts building to support a range of different pedagogies. Incorporating a range of state-of-the-art technologies, the learning spaces are progressive and flexible. The building supports student-based learning, whilst allowing the spaces to function as Gallery areas, presenting back to the College and the wider community.

The chosen aesthetic is cutting edge, providing the building with a fluid form, enhanced by the implementation of a specular metallic cladding material. It speaks to the College’s future direction, within a traditional suburban setting. The building makes efficient use of an under-utilized part of the campus, creating a strong connection between existing facilities and enhanced student safety.

Completed in November 2016, the project tracked well to both budget and timeframe. *Undertaken as Latitude Architects.