Mazenod Middle School Refurbishment


Mazenod College, MACS


Mulgrave, Victoria

Project Cost

Stages 1-2 = $4.5m
Stages 3-6 = $6.9m


Stages 1-2 = January 2023 Stages 3-6 March 2024 (under construction)

About This Project

In 2021 we completed a masterplan for the refurbishment of the Main Building on campus, home to Years 8-10, Science Centre, Health Centre, Staff Lounge & Print Centre . Being 60 years old, this building was thermally and acoustically uncomfortable, lacking natural light and external connection, and the adaptability required to support modern pedagogy.
Stage 1 included the development of:
• a new commercial Kitchen / Canteen and Dining Hall,
• Staff Lounge, work areas and Deck,
• 2 x new GLAs as templates for Stages 3-6, and
• a new footbridge connection through an important courtyard.
These works enabled Stage 2 to be completed including:
• A new Learning Diversity Centre with Sensory space
• A new Wellbeing & Student Leadership area
• An enlarged and improved Health Centre
• Outdoor Education office, and
• Improved, secure amenities
Stages 3-6 will includes renovation and modernization of 25 x General Learning Areas coupled with outdoor learning spaces, and new and improved support spaces.