De La Salle College Chapel


De La Salle College


Malvern, Victoria

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Tony Cotter


"In the short period for which this building has been standing, life at the college has changed. It’s not that we spend hours gazing, awe-struck at its magnificence, but, at the risk of sounding overly sentimental, it’s the little things that make this construction so special.The little lights that help you see the stairs as you find your seat, the fact that with a click of a button, those same seats will be gone. The fact that now people walking down High Street can’t help but notice that we’re here. The adventurously artistic design that has turned the entire school into connoisseurs of the craft."
Jake Stewart – College Captain 2009

About This Project

The Chapel at De La Salle College in Malvern was proposed to mark the centenary of the Lasallian Order.

Whilst commemorating this important milestone in the College community’s history, the chapel is designed to be an active part of everyday school life. The 80 seat chapel is designed to be readily expanded into a large flexible use auditorium by opening a large operable wall and connecting the adjacent 228 seat lecture theatre. Flexibility is enhanced with a flat floor and retractable seating.

Service areas and a generous foyer expand the use of the facility also allowing seminars, exhibitions and displays.

Beneath the building will be 36 carparking spaces with lift access to the building above. The complex is designed to respond to the existing school campus layout and buildings while providing a recognizable icon within the community. The architectural language incorporates the standard masonry used on campus contrasted with copper wall panels and colored glass.

* Undertaken as Latitude Architects