Exciting Business update – Cotter Reid Architects

Exciting Business update – Cotter Reid Architects

We are excited to tell you about some changes to our practice.

From 18th September  2017, Latitude Architects shall be re-branded to Cotter Reid Architects and we have recently moved into a new office of our own design.

Why Cotter Reid Architects

Over recent years Wayne and Tony have been asked numerous times “who do you work for?” which is a little embarrassing, coming off the back of 14 successful years as founders and Directors of Latitude Architects. As such, we decided it was time to put our “name on the door”, rebranding as Cotter Reid Architects.

The third director of Latitude, Milenko Podnar had also decided to begin practicing as a sole trader and had resigned as a Director of Latitude Architects. This provided an appropriate time to “retire” the name Latitude and rebrand with a new name Cotter Reid Architects.

What this means for you?

Essentially, the change to you is minimal. You can expect to receive the same quality and personalised service from Tony and Wayne, supported by our professional team of designers, technicians and support staff. Our business particulars including ABN, ACN, Insurance, Bank BSB and Account details and the Geelong phone number all remain unchanged. We do not believe any current contractual agreements need to be updated, but we are happy to discuss further where required.

Clients can expect to receive a copy of our ASIC company registration, and updated Certificates of Currency for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance, over the coming days.

Our @latitudearchitects email addresses will remain active and we will transition to new @cotterreid.com.au emails over the next few months.

Our New Office

Latitude Architects started 14 years ago in an abandoned hall in Star Street Geelong. Following many long winters of leaking roofs and outside toilets we decided that the time was right to move to new premises. A rare opportunity presented itself to move into a warm and modern building, in a precinct booming in creative industries.

Our Commitment

Cotter Reid Architects are proud of the legacy of Latitude Architects and we commit to continuing to deliver exceptional quality service and great Architecture.

We look forward to continuing our professional journey with you.